Sunday, 23 November 2014

Life Ed Movie

Underneath do your reflection

For each heading explain how well this aspect was done
  • what was done well
  • what wasn’t done well
  • what you would improve if you had more time

Sound quality: voice volumes, background noise, distracting sounds
Voices was low, back round was good, no distracting sounds 

Camera skill: steadiness of the camera, effects, angles, locations, lighting
Steadiness was bad 
Acting: robotic performance, realistic acting skills, script genuiness, speed of replies, facial expressions, looking at the camera, tone, FAKENESS
It was pretty realistic 
Editing: flow in the cut scenes, transitions, music effects
Pretty good
Poem: time, quality of the poem, scrolling speed, voiceover, poem is relevant to the movie content
Very bad 
Quality of the life education message in your movie (the Script): realism, was it a good message?
Teamwork: all team members were working equally, nobody excluded, everyone had a role, everyone had a choice, how your group solved problems

If we had more time I would improve on the louder voices.

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