Monday, 15 September 2014


Civilan Party

Declare New Zealand’s independence from Hamilton. (Read more)
Establish a space program, and become the first nation in Australasia to send a man to the moon; not to explore it, just someone we don’t like.
Reform the tax system so that it rewards success and punishes failure. Ensure that the bulk of taxes are aimed at the greatest source of poverty in New Zealand: the poor. (Read more)
Remove the monarchy and become an independent banana republic. (Read more)
Close the pay gap between men and women by working to reduce men’s wages.
Alleviate poverty amongst children by giving every poverty-stricken child a llama as a means to a basic income.
End discrimination against social majorities. No more special services just for Maori; no more car parks just for disabled people; no more hip operations just for people who need hip operations.
Relegalise illegal legal highs. The recent government crackdown on these products was overzealous, and there is no reason that perfectly legal substances should be illegal. (Read more)
Make Wellington airport safer by moving it to Christchurch.
Defend the traditional institution of marriage as the union between one man and one volumetric flask.
Reform the Justice system so that every citizen is required to prove why they shouldn’t be in prison.
Issue a formal apology to Australia’s aboriginal population.
Maintain New Zealand’s long-term commitment to free nuclear energy.
Seek to acquire new government assets, such as Bonus Bonds and a timeshare, and be proactive in exploring new economic opportunities, including some advertisements that suggest we could make $5,000 a week online.
Ice cream.
Lower greenhouse gas emissions by placing restrictions on the number of greenhouses, and greater obligations upon trees to absorb carbon dioxide.
Bring ultra-fast broadband access to the majority of rural New Zealand by 2016 and dial-up to Invercargill by 2017.
Hold on a national referendum on the value of referenda. (Read more)
Replace New Zealand’s national anthem with the theme song from the 1996 film Space Jam, by Quad City DJs. A Maori version of Space Jam shall be composed to be sung alongside the English version.
Ban all “satire” or anything claiming to be “satire.” It has been given a chance, but too often has it proven to be offensive and difficult to grasp. No one should be made to feel upset or challenged for the sake of “jokes” and “laughter.”
Additional policies encompassing the areas of Health, Education, the Economy and more will be announced in the run-up to election day, 2014.
Finding your support base
Making a manifesto
Creating the party's brand
Registering the party
Leading your party

Name your party. 
The intelligent party that exceeds in high expectation in indoor and out door education
Create a policy for

Cancer patients get extra care

Every kid who passes year 13 gets 300,000

Take over Australia

the minimum wage is $20.1

Gets free public transport

Legalize marijuana
Games are 30% price
R18 games are M rated
Less years in to get a PHD it takes 4 years

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  1. Loving the party name. I really like your policy about education, it may not be very practical but the idea is great!! I'm not so sure about your environment policy though. Why do you want marijuana legalised? It's not good for you! You finished on time and you got a reasonable amount of work done in the time given, well done :)