Wednesday, 3 September 2014


It was 2012 when Clyde, Greg and I went on a trip to Harare, Zimbabwe to stop crime such as drug deals and supplying illegal guns but after about a week my apartment got broken into stealing everything including my passport.They also stole my friends passport. I knew where to look, around the block a there was a dodgy gang that would follow me, Clyde and Greg everywhere we went. That ment that we had to live in one of the dodgiest towns in the planet with a gang on our backs. When we went to the gang hideout there was machine guns mounted on a wall of sand bags, they shot their guns in the air we instantly ran for our lives I notice that there were three guys chasing us. Crash!, they tackled us then knocked me unconscious.I woke up too see my friends tried to chairs, I saw the gang leader, it was Price Charming he walked up to Clyde a.nd shot him in the head then it was my turn         

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